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Ways To Purchase

One Quote, One PO, One Approval

When you need a vehicle fast, CAP Fleet has Pre-Built vehicles to help make the process as quick and easy as possible.

Use your Co-Operative contracts, so you never have to go out for bid again.

With our Bailment service you have the option to order your vehicles from any dealership that you prefer and we will provide the upfitting.


See the list of vehicles below.

Order your Vehicle with quality upfitting at a consistent price delivered anywhere in the country.


Ship through is a service that uses the OEMs’ transportation network to move vehicles between the manufacturing plant, our facilities, and then back into the transportation system.  For more information, please reference this article on Linkedin.

Ship-Thru for General Motors

Model Code Location
GM TDD Belton, Texas


Drop ship is a service where chassis is ordered directly from the manufacturer and delivered to one of our facilities. Once the vehicle is completed, it is delivered directly to you or to a dealer for delivery. This method is great for situations when a completed vehicle cannot physically fit on ship-through carriers.


Drop-Ship for General Motors

Model Code Location
GM 265314 Belton, Texas
GM 285405 Houston, Texas

Drop-Ship for Ford

Model Code Location
Ford 52-769 Belton, Texas
Ford 88RPS3 Houston, Texas

Drop-Ship for Dodge

Model Code Location
Dodge X8163 Belton, Texas


Whether you prefer Lightbars or Slicktops, Patrol, Admin, Traffic, or K-9, our packages are designed with one thing in mind: Committed to making it easy for you!

We currently have Dodge Charger Pursuit Patrol Ready packages ready for immediate purchase.
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Want a turn-key quote? We can provide such a quote with access to our company-owned dealerships.