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Cap Cares

USA Automotive Partners and their companies, Cameron Country CDJR, Caldwell Country Chevrolet, Rockdale Country Ford and CAP Fleet, have been doing business with first responders throughout the state of Texas for over 10 years. During this time these relationships have deepened to the point we feel you are part of the family.

Zach Hester, USA Automotive Partners Chief Executive Officer, decided that an internal organization needed to be formed. This group would focus solely on providing assistance to Texas First Responders in need, calling it Cap Cares.

CAP Cares is currently funded only by USA Automotive Partner companies. This independence allows CAP Cares to respond to requests for assistance quickly.

If you or a member of your department or agency, or their families need assistance please contact CAP Cares at

800 State Highway 21 East, Caldwell, TX 77836 – 979.315.7502

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