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Letter of Warranty


(CAP FLEET) holds the strongest warranty offered in the industry. CAP will cover all workmanship and wiring for the lifetime of the vehicle as long as owned by the same agency, excluding the following list below.

If an unforeseen issue does occur with our workmanship, we will make every effort to correct the problem in a timely manner. We understand your unit is not effective if it’s not on the road. All vehicles leaving CAP FLEET undergo a strenuous quality control.

  • Work must be completed by our staff and/or a subcontracted affiliate of CAP FLEET.
  • All work provided to the customer cannot be altered or moved to any other location.
  • Additional wiring cannot be added to or connected to power and ground points provided by CAP FLEET.
  • Any warranty work performed shall not exceed the scope of original work performed.
  • Under no circumstances shall CAP FLEET be liable for any consequential damages, special damage, incidental damages, punitive damages, or lost profits of any kind, whether incurred directly of indirectly by another party.
  • Before any payments are made to a third-party repair center, CAP FLEET reserves all rights to choose said repair center. NO PAYMENTS WILL BE MADE WITHOUT WRITTEN CONSENT.

Most products sold and installed by CAP FLEET are covered under the (manufacturer warranty). CAP FLEET reserves all rights to follow these manufacture standards in all cases. If it is determined that the manufacture is directly responsible for the problem, below actions will
take place.

  • Manufacture can be contacted by CAP FLEET to repair or replace product.
  • Customer can contact Manufacture or Manufacture Rep. themselves to rectify the issue.
  • A copy of a product warranties can be provided by CAP FLEET upon request or found on Manufacture website.
  • In some cases, the customer will be charged for travel time, replacement, or repair.

CAP Fleet Upfitters Service Repair Contact:

David Woytek
Office: 254-773-1959

Download Warranty PDF