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CAP Fleet Upfitters Bailment Program

About the program:

CAP Fleet Upfitters is an authorized Chevrolet SVM Bailment Pool provider for law enforcement vehicles. What does that mean? We have a pool of vehicles available to be upfitted by CAP Fleet and sold through any Chevrolet dealer in the United States!

This partnership is designed to provide customers and dealers with a selection of Chevrolet law enforcement vehicles in-stock and ready for immediate upfitting!

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Choose from a package below or customer build your own vehicle! We have over 100 years of law enforcement experience and we are authorized distributors of over 150 manufacturers, ensuring we find a vehicle and equipment to fit your specific needs.

Patrol- Includes lightbar, cage, siren/speaker/switchbox, console, four corner warning lights, and a spotlight.

Slick Top-Includes front windshield lights, rear warning lights, four corner warning lights, console, switch box, siren, and a spotlight.

Chief’s Pursuit-Includes GM factory console, no spotlight, front windshield warning (passenger side only), four corner warning lights, siren, remote speaker, bucket seats, and rear warning lights.

Prisoner Transport-Marked or unmarked.



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